UNITY - transmuting the human family into a dynamic self conscious creative agency
unification - close mental rapport and spiritual cooperation

cooperation as the mode of conduct, strengthening each other, pooling resources in a united push forward, carrying the truth along all possible lines, down among the masses - tendencies toward materialism and personality dominance must give way to the larger plan and will-to-good

formation of a creative center, magnetic, constructive, and pure - establishing such a potent group interplay and relation that an emerging world unity can be seen in embryo

work as a unity for a shared ideal - personalities merge in one forward swing, one rhythm firmly unified - submerging personal interests for the higher ideal - unity demonstrating spontaneously and naturally in unbroken rhythm is the archetype of the NOW age

keynote - stable relationships, unity of thought, diversity of method, of effort, and of function - individuals swept by the desire to serve - urged by an impluse to love - illumined by one pure vision, fused and blended into a group of serving minds, and energized by one life - a group organized to consciously and deliberately cooperate to further world enlightenment

goal - the revelation of unity through the power of thought, the thought of oneness, of service, and of love - the realization of the unity of all beings, the synthesis of world evolution, and the unity of divine objective - demonstrating constructive effort on the physical plane - nurturing the creative faculty of the mind, transmuting the human family into a dynamic, self-conscious creative agency