TECHNOLOGY - Our Genetic Assignment
Technology embodies and actively promotes truth, beauty and goodness, functional expressions of love. Technology education is the ultimate venue for on-going conversations in the infinite quest for truth, beauty and goodness within the limits of materiality. Technological fluency allows children to participate in these conversations, creating and contributing their own visions of truth, beauty and goodness. Technology relies upon science and mathematical verities, but responds to and reveals the desires of the human spirit.

Technology is a premier mechanism for humans to impress their ideas and values on the natural and social world. Technology education should center on a love for humanity and the planet which supports our evolving global being, expanding human capabilities in cooperation with rather than in exploitative dominion over nature and each other. We draw our frames of reference and symbols from the technological realm. It is important that we become more literate in that symbolism, more expansive in our perspectives, and more creative in the reflectivity aspects of technology.

Wisdom is embodied in the ability to judiciously apply experience and knowledge. Beauty and technology are intimately linked as expressions of human values and wisdom.

Technology is a potent system of symbols. It is an effective form of communication and a powerful cohesive element in the global system. People separated by language and culture learn functional commonality from each other's technological designs and systems. Technology is an example of applied problem-solving.

The kinship between mathematics and music is embodied in computer science. Technology like the arts, represents a powerful form of symbolic communication. The artistic process parallels the technological process. Both provide aptitudes centered in design, communication, and learning.

Technology situates learners as participants in the process, provides them with real contexts for their actions, and requires them to reflect on the process, the product and its impact. One engages technology as knowledge and process, acquiring concepts and reflecting on activities, experiencing the impact of technology in real world contexts, and evaluating social and ecological results.

Technology education offers the opportunity to develop information age capabilities, providing a critical forum for developing technological confidence and integrity, developing values and ethics as well as the mastery of concepts and skills, contributing to one's holistic understanding of the natural, social, and technological world.

"Our genetic assignment is the receiving, processing, and producing
of digital information."

"The postpolitical information society, [which we have manifested], does not operate on the basis of obedience and conformity to dogma. It is based on individual thinking, scientific know-how, quick exchange of facts around feedback networks, high-tech ingenuity, and practical, front-line creativity. The society of the future [NOW] no longer grudgingly tolerates a few open-minded innovators. The cybernetic society is totally dependent on a large pool of such people, communicating at light speed with each other across state lines and national boundaries."

"Intense chaotics waiting to be re-created... with our friends.
Reality designing is a team sport."