A MODEL - The Intuitive Natural Process
The comprehensive actuality and relative meaning of the synthesis of humanity and technology is embodied, expressed, and experienced thru working examples of a balanced, harmonious, sovereign approach to unified living.

Examples that are relative to and comprehensible and applicable by the common-kindreds' consciousness - being deeply aware of the nature and value of their symbiosis as it is utilized for the greater good - presenting holistic models that exemplify a dynamic and value producing interconnectedness in a joyfully disciplined manner.

Transcendental developmental tension is a natural side-effect of such seemingly rapid transformation. All tensions can, however, be resolved by the most elemental precepts of inductive reasoning and education (intelligence synthesis.) Not an archaic, outmoded, biased, dictatorial relay of data, but a reflection of knowledge in action - a living example.

Nothing communicates and educates more effectively than a working model. All beings retain, apply, and share knowledge best by learning from example ("The pyramid of knowledge is based on one teaching one other, as is the natural way with brothers and sisters. The seven year old child teaches the six year old child, and the six year old teaches the five year old child, and so on. Learning and Teaching are part of the same circuit." 7.2 ) It is the intuitive and natural process that we may employ in modelling a comprehensive, omni- and uni-versal clarity, understanding, and life direction based on truth, compassion, and the will to good.