usnisa - neu-ark.itex
unified state network intelligence synthesis alliance

usnisa labs is a high-end nOc - network operations center - that has been integrating/elevating technology/communications into advanced virtual networking for over two decades - it is manned by comprehensive network experts - is and has been since inception fully operational 24 hours a day 7 days a week is the intelligence division of the usnisa network and contains the kernel that all our communications projects are running on - the osgs as the core operating system of all our bio-platforms and technologies provides the necessary exceptionally secure foundations for telegenetically accelerating connectivity and communications - strengthening the system/network - stimulating/enhancing/inspiring co-creativity simultaneously and spontaneously

the administrators and arkitex working on this collective cumulative research project have been meticulously pursuing examining and developing this synthesis process for decades - synthesis research has yielded an abundance of richly diverse skillsets/talents covering an extensive range of experiential activities services and insights - as regards technical focus the usnisa team is adept in comprehensive administration of all bio-computer platforms and is highly skilled in both the physical and metaphysical operation of intensive telecommunications architectures - xperimentation with the dominant telco entities to achieve and refine various unique in-house telco situations has produced a hybrid skillset ideally suited to creatively addressing the challenges of our present inter-dimensional infrastructure/paradigm shift

the collective potential combined concentrated energy that is to whatever conscious extent/intent present within the many global-core intelligence networks like this one is limitless in that it composes a pool of experience knowledge talent vision - with the depth of countless lifetimes worth of true service commitment and achievement it is an interstellar-collective highly adept at learning problem solving and teaching solution implementing that has the capacity to facilitate synthesis education with the accelerated inspired innovative flexibility of a bio-spirit network - the responsibility lies in unifying intent resources with integration/application tactics - communicating/delivering solutions as quickly as possible - for the greatest good as the active vital bridge to applied sovereign principles

reflecting unity within diversity in perfect balance.

the living unified-field interconnection/reflection of this and other networks is integral to furthering our advanced research into the realms of bio-spirit networking global/intergalactic coherence patterns - practical/functional hyperdimensional models - applications for education transformation and illumination

freely mirror and link the light - the information will do the rest