USNISA - Intelligence Synthesis (Overview)
accelerated activities and disclosures of significance
[applying magnetism to the thought-field]

  1. intro
  2. large scale - galactic and universal
  3. network - wan/lan subterranean and beyond


usnisa has become a resource that cross references media forms and interprets information across entirely different frequencies with a synthesis effect

purpose is to expand the perspective of what is going on around us and to help sync that massive universal flow by aligning the resources that we are responsible for - how to be of the most service is a simple directive we have followed all along

our approach has always been through the technique of artistic expression and technological know-how. we have been in the entertainment/art/communications world for many decades and we have no agenda or need to personally interact with or control anyone - just a desire to communicate responsibly and freely and through that empower others with their conscious right to do the same. true sovereignty. ultimate democracy.

a usnisa objective is to show how and where these processes reveal themselves and how to detect effects and activities that are already in the mix_ then provide interpretive pathways for the mass expansion of consciousness that everyone is going thru. removes masks and lets you see info for what it truly represents to you.

Subject: 2 8/17

the nature of the material requires an approach of accelerated expansion to be the main objective. it merely achieves the removal of the energy governing conscience structuring and the subsequent behavior that is put in place by forced patterned thinking = (one way communications)

a t1 connection (entry level bidirectional service capable of 2 way communications under current architecture) is primarily a conceptual / virtual tool for eliminating time pattern from atmosphere_ the t1 can open and put an environment into another dimension where time is more in a flux state_ this is primary maneuvering that is in parallel, and will also lead to what is referenced below

3rd dimensional density is giving way to multidimensional transparency through conscious shifts that originate at our sun and star centers.

    "in mathematics, dimensions are unique. although they appear to possess some very specific characteristics, you must realize that their elements are interchangeable and that their energies are moved about by consciousness."

    these formulas contain catalysts that, when activated, permit energies or even specific objects to travel, instantly, from one point to another. thus, we can quickly 'navigate' from one point in the galaxy to another, regardless of the distances involved."

these simple sovereign designs provide insights into how the information integrates with the rest of the dimensional realities we currently access. this, along with the ideas, concepts, and directions expressed through and absorbed from these threads creates a base level intelligence synthesis module_ it has been an extended period of amnesia for most_ it is time to remember_

these issues are of top priority and are very much in the process of fully revealing themselves - there is very little time left for limited consciousness. the final process which is well underway is purely and simply disclosing the age old plot of how these limitations were put in place and why. a media event that is underway on every common carrier wave available - the time when the conscious light becomes brighter than the light of the sun. NOW.

this is a blessed sacred event and the key to the neu vehicle.

after disclosure the most needed resource is a way to synthesize information as fast as possible - this is where the connection is. communication and consciousness in synchronicity. think about it - nothing in the way of total connectivity to the universal source of all code. simple but true_

    "never oversimplify the transcendent works of the Creator for, in doing so, you are only demeaning your own worth."

this type of activating material makes you physically aware of the level of energy that is abundant and available through this conscious delivery system.

Subject: 3 8/19

to pick up on server-based reality and to reference that over 70 percent of all activity is the serving process - the sovereign issue is that everybody is entitled to serve, which is the natural intuitive state that promotes the acceleration of giving.

it is only necessary 2 serve the code 2 build whatever device you need to do the job yourself. final phase of the material approach and launch of the de-materialization and de-densified process.

fully open sovereign communications issues: open source, civil, private approach to fully sovereign levels of communication. no commercial interference or distraction - watch what happens and how fast. the process is well underway - more synthesis territory. this is more than entertainment, but still the best show in town. entertainment/education needs to stay in place as an aid and translation device for higher rates of transmission_ better entertainment/education must be developed_ it is a quick study for most_ imbed key learning elements (underlying usnisa synthesis practice) instead of destructive subliminal messages. the language most understand is television_ to translate new levels of info through that language is somewhat custom-made/tailor-fit to the resource and the evidence of the private broadcasting era we are now in the middle of; represented by the fact the system is giving in to the content and no longer controlling it_

  • old way = system completely controls content-make it to suit their liking or else.
    the artist makes the inspirational communique, the scientist makes the device to connect it, and gives it to power merchants to control minds and enslave masses by cutting off and controlling reciprocal linkage. the message moves regardless of the device. the device however relies on a message to give it a purpose and reason to exist.

  • neu way = content determines system - people have choice of what they really relate to and anyone can say what they want; media scientists who apply the inspired approach to building the appropriate device customized around the message; having all tek available through open community and the abilities to do it. artists were never allowed or never saw the correlation as to why they needed to take over the communication device (too busy creating.) now that it is open to any individual, media is so abundant most don't know where to begin.

communications: server-based user-side of northeast is maxed out_ server-side is high priced and has priority, but most server-side activity has no purpose without user counterpart - a condition that demands balance. the real issue is the transition of everyone just privately using a phone or being on the network with expanded capabilities and responsibilities_

self healing equipment is being sold commercially now and ibm is launching a very high level campaign for this emerging phenomena of artificial intelligence - more major reasons for OSGS focus_

usnisa was the model, and is now a global movement as well as an architectural resource for the neu and next wave of organic computing. the answers are in this organic technological component - inherent in the system_ what is really on the horizon is something beyond all the limitations of any current form of tek_ the word and beginning is sovereignty - all action at this point must be aimed at providing this to all. another way of looking at it is that the current mission is in the sovereignty provisioning_ it is provided by empowering individuals with the resource that the other pattern suggests should be used 2 take advantage of these same individuals (communicating is a spiritual right.) we can move as fast as consciousness permits - super-luminal_

beyond personal limitations is the optimum work atmosphere - it is a conscious movement_ who said it wouldn't work out if everybody got what they needed? everybody is lost in the convenience cycle and not aware of alternatives like blackbox (self-sustaining power) or antennae (high-speed wireless) - these things, followed by self sustaining environment discourse, could be done in radically short periods of time. details are abundant.

we were the first to study effects of being living media outside of star-based media / cabal mechanism_ our life is online and it is not invasive at all_ to the contrary, this openness and straight-forward approach is the most liberated state. after all, sometimes there just arent any ghosts lurking, and this process will chase them away if they are_

    25 year media lifestyle study concludes all prescriptions will be in code form. information is the solution.

    not - i have the information and will do it 4 u - i will give u the information so u can do it 4 your self. with this as a basis, the network model comes next and the logical determining for proper distribution of resources; followed by the organic component overcontrolling of both levels of activity and applying conscience direction to the vehicle OSGS_

    base level
      serve and empower
      create and contribute
      focus and distribute

    s+e = c+c = f+d = s+e - a reciprocal loop that taps back into the perpetual energy system underlying everything

most ailments and/or psychological blockages are spawned by this de-evolutionary process of one-way broadcasting. experiments with chronic fatigued patients showed them as activated, accelerated individuals online in a matter of days and with the resources to reflect that back to themselves - "serving" the process then fulfills itself on the physical plane. [research experiments 98/99]

in network terms we have been riding in a t1plus vehicle for quite some time so we have a more expanded perspective of what it actually represents_ soon, packages that will make t1s look like old phone lines will be presented more on the order of the vehicle that they are_ and this will shift consciousness into the accelerated state required for this next level agenda_

having the capabilities of moving and interpreting large amounts of information - that being the most needed resource, reveals its not just about what we do specifically its about the fact that it all applies to the most needed resource. giving us a common umbrella to focus on fulfilling the objective - channeling and distributing the abundance of the universal power that is available_ these days you have to focus inward to make movement on the outside_

    "not only are you and everyone of the brotherhood universal, you are also specific; therefore, it is possible for you to be specifically located at the same time that you are universally "located." you are universal having specific identity, because the father in his Self-expression cannot express unspecifically, nebulously, vaguely. and even though you are universal and experience universally when you are fully Awake, you are still specific and experience specifically when you are Awake."

in whatever you encounter or plan rest assured this is the most likely immediate future and align all qualified resources to it.

so this reveals somewhat of a frankenstein. not fully understanding what this next level of communicating was about the so called "monster from the id" is materializing and producing effects via dis-associated un-consciousness which in turn points fingers at the system knowing its the one thing that it would like to go away.

    theory: system is ok - illegal control of it produces attitude and attitude turns into the monster because at the heart is an unconscious form of control and although many intuitively feel it most lack any insight into the level of or techniques that develop through greed and control patterns which in their own way are a by-product of the collective consciousness and the network empowerment resource.

    figures the first thing to get the full advantage of the new reality would be the darker side of the mass psyche, like porn as one of the very first things to arrive in cyber space_ but than again, it should be first on the list of things to be repaired since the pattern was so dominant and forced upon the masses by former one-way communications.

    system needs mods/repairs but there should be no bias. now this is all in order in the sense of healing and growing to a mature stage of functionality, similar to a child's fear of unknown and the unknown being what is done to them and how to control their own conscious space. and now we're back to the task - that being proper perspective, re-alignment, insight about communicating and it being at the base of the civilization process.

    control communications and control civilization - hence, the movement we are experiencing since we in this country have taken control over our sovereign right and have flushed out the reality to where it is desperately trying to regain the consciousness that has been liberated during this inception period.

    if we combine the tek as a component for accelerated delivery of this conscious resource it will create a focus unlike any prior to this time and overpower abuse of any further technologies because the world will finally see that our technology is ours like our conscience; it shouldnt be taken from the people and sold to the highest bidder so they in turn can control the masses with it. we've grown out of the training wheels of government mind control which is a manifestation of the collective consciousness_ we as mature adults must confront this head on with the easy solutions that have been bestowed upon us_


  • communicating should and can be sovereign with only positive effects resulting from liberating the grid and its technologies

  • power should and can be self sustaining again creating only positive effects

  • the balance in this alone is the balance everybody seeks

  • and the balance of seeing the control and level of manipulation that can be achieved by that control is the most liberating aspect of the equation

  • living should be fun keep this love alive

nature simplifies as it evolves. the stable sovereign model is the issue and the more we integrate into this balanced architecture the less dependency on uncontrollable architectures there will be for all

the deal is we've been doing large scale integration networks and inverse multiplexing since it all began. the issue is to finish with history NOW and seize the neu reality_ creating the alternative future NOW_

mechanically its serving

conceptually its declaring full privileges and responsibility to provide to all openly.

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