the OSGS - communication creating ecological balance
nearly all hackers past their teens are either college-degreed or self-educated to an equivalent level - the self-taught hacker is often considered (at least by other hackers) to be better-motivated and may be more respected than his school-shaped counterpart

this represents some base infrastructure time/gravity variables of the osgs direct coordinates to specific data with interrelated customizable tools and applications

morphing systems that build themselves around the information

the educational dynamic of the concepts demonstrated within these architectures insinuates next level activities - large scale consciousness shifts of core perceptions / accelerated evolution putting things in a state of balance through the power of communication

the current electrical field is produced by our consciousness - as consciousness transforms the field responds - next level energy alternatives have engaged and are distributed via the open community

communication creating ecological balance

as the frequencies of our bodies change reality transforms through communication/consciousness connecting to a reflective reference pool (networks) that once your adjusted to releases intellect/gravity by not having to think if you know or not - i know i know - a self-generating energy - how can i be of service