OSGS - a bio-spirit network
initially it is essential to reorder the way this information system processes its data - this requires that we provide new operating instructions - the equivalents to our main mother boards are the rna/dna encodements which are tied into our main operating and memory systems - our brain and central nervous system - we are altering our rna/dna encodements by modifying our body's base frequency and changing the number of primary codes available to our dna adjustments have enlarged our collective consciousness field

consciousness is based upon your degree of awareness and your amount of presence (domain) - as they increase your state of consciousness moves ever upward - moreover this means that you are able to process greater and greater amounts of information - these special light packets (frame relay) are in and around you every microsecond of every day - you do not recognize them because you do not feel the need to do so - as you grow the need to do so increases - furthermore your abilities to use these packets also develops - the objective is to multiply inner growth exponentially - we are feeding the collective consciousness field in a way that allows you to quickly transform thought-forms - this further augments our desire to foster the development of a new paradigm

how a bio spirit network life can reflect/achieve a balanced existence
transmitting activation code (genetic) through laser (fibre optic)
via osgs driven media
on the neuark of usnisa net

this represents a way of consciously producing by drawing from
and drawing from by producing energy