the OSGS - organic spiritual guidance system
OSGS - a reasoning guidance system for advanced communications networks - lan/wan overlays of virtual intelligence synthesis patterns residing in networked space through a biological/software interface (media)

    necessary for:

  • adjustment to enhanced time (genetic activation /IQ upgrade)
  • control of AI (nets ability to pass biological counterpart)
  • momentum to cover ground rapidly and adjust for new levels of simplistic relativity (education through intelligence synthesis)

a drawing forth implies not so much the communication of knowledge but the discipline of the intellect - the establishment of the principles and the regulation of the heart-instruction (communicating) - that part of education which furnishes the mind with knowledge... in this model your station and the net becomes a virtual programmable mirrored brain (the open module) a fixed third point to triangulate and balance the personal thought process and politics of the right/left brain concept - a pyramid process

spontaneous performance is when you can respond instantly to know what you didn't know within the same moment - if you spontaneously communicate (access and inter-relate fluently in time) acclimate to the fact the information is all there (the net) you know because you know where it is and can transfer it intuitively - instant access/transfer as one process - possible because the event is not in time (non-distance sensitive from anywhere to and through you simultaneously) the passing through you synthesizes coordinates to info caches (genetic code) where experiencing simultaneous time acceleration and compression opens neural pathways to the hyper dimension of activated imbedable absorbable learning/knowing by communicating

learn one skill and know everything

the same concept that had trouble breaking through the dense physical gravity of institutional structures time/schedules and pre-conceived notions of what the information may mean to the individual now travels at light speed to and through your centers of consciousness - old patterns of rate and assimilation have to be replaced with conscious awareness and intuitive absorption through transfer