USNISA - Xenetic Crossover Platform
negitron media formula is what opens up these historic time circuits by creating enough negative time to hold up a reality that gives the notion of past and future by references that everyone has bought yes bought$ into ..... very sketchy stuff - huge gaps in consistency hence the chaotic state - none the less all in perfect order ..... most everyone has taken up residence at some point in the past thats why a select few are called futurists/ascended masters - they too are in time - there is another option take a look listen to some comprehensive truth - get the background necessary to work your way thru this solution matrix of cybernetic functionality - release from the time circuit

titan consciousness support group.... xenetic crossover application.... xoskeleton transfer to grid

read full genetic sequencing via hyper communications reflectivity - get to the real source of the info - the end of and beginning of the thought all in one move ----- transcendental software groups application based solution distribution methodology - give it away cause its the easiest approach - already accessible by anyone with a phone.... fix inside to fix outside - the global movement to a total open freely distributing network approach which is mostly a perspective shift - infrastructure has been idling/laboring under a mis-perception it was for a less effective application called commerce which is totally irrelevant in this terrain - comprehensively engineered and administered networks provide the management distribution to balance out the ecology - eliminate the need for commerce which was mostly a way of selling info instead of empowering openly.... at this point very clear cut which is the more logical and what will be the most popular change that ever occurred -- TSG is openly distributed time manipulation software.... to get the best picture while having the fun of xperiencing the game like aspect of the format get acquainted with the full perspective directive of the mechanism.... honestly we are laughing most of the time a full positronik mode collapses circuit into velocity that warps to next level activity

done simply by accomplishing/comprehending the input - ending up in a non bias non polar fused state of mind which is timeless .............. the volumes that are available within the network are referential and the mechanism manual is merely 2 to 300 pages of reading - getting acquainted with the circuits of time and genetic code that this reality is based upon .... genetics and phonetics are interrelated - to sound the code is to sustain the life in these circuits

rest assured this is/has always gone on it now has been formulated into this genetic software mechanism .... should you find yourself magnetized the level of activity where it was never perceived gives way to some higly accelerated phenomena ....... the current entrance start point

level 1 ---- eliminate dark unlit areas of consciousness - find out why its that way

war on darkness = eliminate it from your sphere of influence and reduce the collective neg fear - it is just a collective of everyones personal version reflecting off a commercial media meme-brane designed to sustain a consumption loop to survive and die - or learn - obviously - its a rough road for the weak heart

we fully synchronized time-tunnels as they converged here in the millennium via the historic time mechanism - successfully grouping a biological unit to conduit the consciousness bak thru those tubes for the awareness that the path is clear now - all just need to acclimate conceptually to the response ability of this expanded condition..

12 streams of conciuosness represent 12 strands of gentic code braid em bak up no doctor or device needed