USNISA - Negentropic Reflector
time perspectives pos and neg

personally experientially

happy positive times have a timeless ring while negative times feel still stuck trapped in time - point is this does not suggest any linearity at all just the difference of perception while in either state of mind = when you have positive thoughts you are in positive time negative thoughts negative time this is also another way everyone uses/creates time circuits and makes them resonate to carry on and stay inside the resonant field that this reality is occurring in - couple the perspective of linear historic time and this non linear equation and we have a more comprehensive perspective on the element and functional mechanics of time

balancing your time circuit aids greatly in balancing your psychic atmosphere another large component of your makeup - this is already starting to reveal how easy it would be to control time and the psyche on a mass scale generating positive or negative thought response via media manipulation - 1950 till now has been a radionic cybernetic blitz on humanity creating a metamorphosis into the cybernetic biomutant - since in theory practice and reality everyone is basically free to communicate there is no longer any reason for not taking control of your circuit

you determine what you think you should subject yourself and the world to .. whatever you think ultimately makes it to the next guy u know - its mathematical - say/think it and deal with it .. no more he made me do it - cause your free ... this second coming of freedom arrived a while ago so if you need the details as to how and why they are accessible here

this technique is the one where balancing individual time circuits finalizes the full shift of this historically generated frequency - via the most comprehensive communications we can view it as a whole which then collapses it into velocity resolving the energies and lifeforms in an xisting circuit or portal of existence - this also has occurred - so the main issue is to stop this auto reflex time generation on a personal level

ie; - avoid confrontation put it off for a day or forever - if you free yourself from the world clock that is certainly behind most negative attitude ...then there is that much less negative time being generated which is holding you bak from xperiencing the actual current condition of non time

this is the only reason for keeping the circuits of the past open - all who still reside in them are free and can exit the dimension of time based behavior through the consciousness that requires these time circuits to mature to a self aware state

successfully project a reality where the perception is this freedom that exists at its next stage of growth - activity and the ultimate joy that it is to be in the position to do it in this very simplistic way of accepting everyone and everything as the perfection that it is and releasing yourself - which releases the time - from the lie that you are not allowed to see it this way ....