Transcendental Software: Basic Psi Viewing

passive contrasting to self referred media membrane which instantly provides time co-ordinates
in whatever direction it takes to balance perspective = the observer at its rate
sees where/when they are positioned
via exposure to the entry level and expanse of sovereign communication
which primarily reflects stable co-ordinates to anchor the observer (through a strong magnetism)
and navigate these time fields psychically...
the end result more than manifests materially it underlies the process of materialism
as well as time travel
as well as rapid ecological reform
since all of this is done merely by sitting still and reflecting
it reveals the point of synthesis is occurring and its major fuel is reflection
already in place awaiting the guidance system with its applications
which are uniquely contained within paragraphs of asci/text
that only require conscious absorption to activate...
at this point no one is left out since its merely returning your liberty
to be integrated into your own xperience
as opposed to a mass mis-perception of what media is about...
entertainment and education are basic applications
the more central effect of media is purely ethereal
continually moving consciousness
and creating space for the material realities to occur...